Chrissy Murderbot

January 1, 2008

Chrissy Murderbot Discography

Shaun J Wright & Alinka – “Twirl Volume 1 Remixes”
(Classic, 12″ single, 2014)
“Love Inspired” (Chris E Pants Remix)
Chris E Pants – “Hello?” b/w Alex Burkat Remix
(The Nite Owl Diner, 12″ single, 2014)
Bouncy acid house bubbler from Chrissy & Alex Burkat’s new label!
Chris E Pants – “Fallout EP”
(Hypercolour, digi-EP, 2013)
Bass-heavy house 5-tracker from Chrissy’s new alias.
Chrissy Murderbot “The Original (Rexix)”
(Shoot Recordings, digi-EP, 2013)
THE REMIX! From Calculon & Austin Speed.
Chrissy Murderbot “The Original”
(Shoot Recordings, 12″ & digi-EP, 2013)
Ridiculous jungle/footwork mayhem with a b-side from Pawn.
Chrissy Murderbot “All Right”
(Hyperboloid, digi-EP, 2013)
More new bass tracks with remixes from Lockah and Calculon & Austin Speed.
Chrissy Murderbot “Greatest Hits ★★★★★”
(Murder Channel, CD & digi-LP, 2013)
Brand New bass/footwork tracks with remixes from Star Slinger, Pixelord, Slick Shoota, Cardopusher & Pacheko, and more!
Bones & Money – “Black Diamond Remix EP”
(Tuff Wax, digital EP, 2013)
“Black Diamond” (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
ASC – “Sonic Assault EP”
(Halo Cyan, digital EP, 2013)
“Karma” (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
Rx & Shiftee – “Ice Is Back” EP
(Hot Mom USA, digital EP, 2013)
“I’m a Beast” (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
Zuzuka Poderosa – “Carioca Bass” EP
(Little Owl, digital EP, 2013)
“Psicodelia” (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
Various Artists – “Pseudogeddon!”
(Free digital LP, 2013)
Chrissy Murderbot – “Lover 2″
Star Slinger & Teki Latex – “Ladies In The Back” EP
(Jet Jam, 12″ & digital EP, 2012)
“Ladies In The Back” (Chrissy Murderbot Booty Remix)
Pixelord – “Supraplex Remixed”
(Civil Music, digital EP, 2012)
“Been Lookin” (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
chris e. pants – “Doggy Style”
(Sleazetone, 12″ & digital EP, 2012)
Deep, slutty disco from Chrissy Murderbot’s new side-project, chris e. pants.
Mark Stewart – “Stereotype”
(Future Noise, 2×12″ & digital EP, 2012)
“Stereotype” (Chrissy Murderbot Trunk Rattle Mix)
“Stereotype” (Chrissy Murderbot Trunk Rattle Dub)
Chrissy Murderbot – “Friendship EP”
(Halo Cyan, 12″ & digital EP, 2012)
Forward-thinking footworky bass trax with a jungle/d&b sensibility. Remixes from Legowelt & Sumsun!
Lenkemz ft. Dialect – “Murder Micz Remix EP”
(Senseless Records, digital EP, 2012)
“Murder Micz” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Baron von Luxxury – “The Last Seduction Remixes and B-Sides”
(Manimal Vinyl, digital LP, 2012)
“Alice Underground” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Johnny Moog – “Dope Love Remixes”
(Palms Out Sounds, digital EP, 2012)
“Dope Love” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Various – “Electronic Explorations Compilation”
(Electronic Explorations, digital LP, 2012)
Chrissy Murderbot – “Fuzzy”
Machinedrum – “Extended Room(s)”
(Planet Mu, 2CD, 2012)
“Now U Know The Deal 4 Real” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
“U Don’t Survive” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Miles Bonny – “The We Remixes”
(InnateSounds, digital EP, 2012)
“We” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Top Billin & MC Zulu – “Check The Frequency”
(Top Billin, digital EP, 2012)
“Check The Frequency” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Daniel Haaksman – “More Rambazamba”
(Man Recordings, digital LP, 2012)
“Jesus (feat. Tati Quebra Barraco)” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Chrissy Murderbot – “I’m A Asshole”
(Loose Squares, 12″, 2011)
6 amazing new booty jams featuring Johnny Moog, DJ Gant-Man, Young Live, Add-2, and Peej.
Chrissy Murderbot – “Women’s Studies”
(Planet Mu Records, 2LP / CD, 2011)
A juke/booty/bashment masterpiece featuring Coool Dundee of DMG$, DJ Spinn, Johnny Moog, MC ZULU, Popeye, Rubi Dan, Mungo’s Hi-Fi & Warrior Queen.
Chrissy Murderbot – “Bussin’ Down”
(Planet Mu Records, 12″, 2011)
Limited Edition EP from Women’s Studies album. Featuring remixes from Atki2, DJ Rashad, and Ghosts On Tape.
James Braun – “Sleaze Sessions”
(Sleazetone, digital EP, 2011)
“ER” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Tvyks – “From Prague To Berlin (Remixed)”
(Meanbucket, digital EP, 2011)
“Mitte Riddim” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Chrissy Murderbot – “Sleazetone Party Trax #2″
(Sleazetone, 12″, 2010)
Face-melting disco re-edits
Chrissy Murderbot – “Sleazetone Party Trax #1″
(Sleazetone, 12″, 2010)
Ultra-hot bootleg remixes on a juke-bassline-funky-ghetto tip
Håkan Lidbo – “The Regression Session”
(Tigerbass, 2010)
“The Regression Session” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Larytta – “Difficult Fun Remixes”
(Creaked Records, 2010)
“Tous mes amis” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Hanuman – “Bola Remixes”
(Sleazetone, 12″ & digital EP, 2010)
“Bola” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Beta SP – “Bacteria EP”
(Trenchant Dubs, digital EP, 2010)
“Bacteria” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Noise Floor Crew – “How To Ruin A Train”
(Dust Traxx, digital EP, 2010)
“How To Dub A Dub (PS: Dub) by Chrissy Murderbot”
Mestizo & Rx – “Let It Spray”
(Seclusiasis, digital EP, 2010)
“Let It Spray” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Norrit – “Now Jack Swung”
(Think 2wice Records, digital EP, 2010)
“Trippin’ Around” Chrissy Murderbot Juke Remix
Various Artists – “Full Frontal Disco”
(Sleazetone, Mix CD, 2010)
Featuring a whole gang of re-edits from Chrissy Murderbot
Various – “Alphacut Ten”
(Alphacut, limited edition 12″, 2010)
Murderbot – “I Am From The Midwest”
Chrissy Murderbot – “WHINE U Remixes”
(WIDE Records, Digital EP, 2010)
Remixes from Bok Bok, Pirate Soundsystem, & ReSketch
Chrissy Murderbot – “Thighs Remixed”
(WIDE Records, digital EP, 2009)
Remixes from Shin-Ra, DJ Guy, Pirate Soundsystem, Bok Bok, Chrissy Murderbot, and more
Chrissy Murderbot – Chrissy Murderbot LP
(Sleazetone, CD / 2LP / digital, 2009)
12 tracks of life-changing amazingness feat. MC Zulu, Miles Bonny, Tha Basix, Scream Club, and Hawatha Hurd.
Chrissy Murderbot – The Ace of Fades vol. 2
(WIDE Records, digital EP, 2009)
6 tracks of forward thinking bass music. Featuring Tha Basix and a remix from Hanuman
Chrissy Murderbot – The Ace of Fades vol. 1
(WIDE Records, digital EP, 2009)
6 tracks of forward thinking bass music. Featuring Miles Bonny and remixes from Debasser and DJ Cutlass Supreme
Pirate Soundsystem – Rush Around EP
(WIDE Records, digital EP, 2009)
“Rush Around” (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
Chrissy Murderbot – Man Sized Safe EP
(Sleazetone, digital EP, 2009)
“Rush Around” (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
Hostage – “Valhalla EP” (ns-011)
(Nightshifters, Digital EP, 2009)
“Valhalla” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Bobby Braun – Brian EP
(Sleazetone, digital EP, 2009)
“Brian” Chrissy Murderbot Juke Remix
Crunc Tesla – Firewalk With Us Remixes
(Dead Homies, digital EP, 2009)
“Firewalk With Us” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Ssion – Ah Ma
(Sleazetone, digital EP, 2009)
“Ah Ma” Chrissy Murderbot Remix
Ssion – Street Jizz
(Sleazetone, digi-EP, 2009)
“Street Jizz (Chrissy Murderbot Rave Remix)”
Chrissy Murderbot – Dead Homies Happy Trax
(Dead Homies, digital EP, 2009)
A collection of four old-skool happy hardcore stormers
Murderbot – Tremor Dub
(Dead Homies, 12″, 2009)
“Tremor Dub” b/w ” Crowd”
Dev79 / Various Artists – Street Bass Anthems Vol. 3
(Seclusiasis, CD, 2008)
Chrissy Murderbot – “Shower Together”
(aka Teddy Pendergrass – “Turn Out The Lights” Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
Ssion – Clown
(Sleazetone, 12″, 2008)
“Clown (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)”
“Clown (Chrissy Murderbot Extended Vocal Dub)”
DJ C & Zulu – Gods & Robots
(Mashit Records, Digital Album, 2008)
“Bodywork (Murderbot’s Bodyjuke Refix)”
Murderbot – Ruff in the Bunny Fizness
(Dead Homies Recordings, digital album, 2007)
A collection of 12 Murderbot jungle anthems.
Starkey – NC-17 EP
(Dead Homies Recordings, 2×12″, 2007)
“Pins” Murderbot Remix
Murderbot – My Streets EP
(Dead Homies Recordings, 12″, 2007)
“My Streets” b/w “Take Me Away” & “More Guns”
Jacky Murda feat. Ward 21 & Jason Sweetness – Ganja Fi Legal
(Dead Homies Recordings, 12″, 2006)
“Ganja Fi Legal” Murderbot Remix
Murderbot – Dead Homies Anthem
(Clash Records, 7″, 2006)
“Dead Homies Anthem” b/w “Murderbot Stands in Judgement”
Murderbot – Onlyworld
(Dead Homies Recordings, 12″, 2005)
“Onlyworld” b/w “Purple Skunk”
Murderbot vs. 12″
(Dead Homies Recordings, 12″, 2005)
Ultra-limited bootleg white label.
Murderbot / Antiman split
(Jungle Xpeditions, 12″, 2005)
Murderbot – “Rub-A-Dub Soldier”
Murderbot – Fi You
(Mashit, 12″, 2005)
“Fi You” b/w “Twilight Zone”
Chrissy Murderbot & Nick C – Jungle Inferno
(Bananas NYC, 12″, 2005)
my first 12″!
more releases announced soon.
or, if you wanna get nerdy about it…